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My passport has stamps from all over Europe but the most have to be from Germany! The funny thing about that is, out of the 10 times my navy blue baby was stamped with the lovely Deutschland welcoming ink…..I had never officially stepped out of their airports onto German soil until this week in January 2017! I finally said I’m going to Germany, stopped teasing my passport with these wannabe stamps and booked a ticket to the marvelous historical city of BERLIN! I have a grading scale I generally use when visiting a city, which goes a little something like: Food, Architecture, Cultural presence, interaction with locals and Unique finds that make the city stand out from other destinations. I had a few days in the awesome capital & I decided to breakdown my favorites out of my grading system into more specific categories including the foodie stops, touristy spots and famous street art locations. If you have 2-4 days in Berlin, make sure to check out my recommendations! (Top 5’s below are not rated in a specific order.)

Top 5 Tourist Spots

  1. The Brandenburg GateThe icon of the city! Make sure to hit it up in the early morning to avoid tourist groups & late evening for incredible night shots!

  2. The Berlin wall Eastside GalleryNo trip would be complete to Berlin without visiting this historic place! Can you imagine loving someone one in the east & living in West Berlin? Talk about long  (short) distance relationship. You’ll find lovely graffiti and artwork front & back of the wall.

  3. Museum Island Walk An awesome walk if you want to do something free in the city! Start off at the Berlin Cathedral Church make your way along the river onto the island! Check out the numerous museums or just gaze at the architecture & art pieces along the way!

  4. St Hedwig’s cathedral ​This place is incredible! Although from the outside it looks like you’re not allowed in, that’s not the case. If you are looking to meditate, worship or be in a serene environment  away from the clutter of city life, visit this lovely Cathedral. I was at a point the only person in the cathedral, looking up at the massive dome & amazed by the silence/peace I felt. Of course I donated a few euros, lite a candle for my beautiful mom & shed some tears thinking of her memory. It was an experience I’ll forever hold in my heart.

  5. Holocaust Museum & Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe Everyone needs to go here to realize we cannot repeat history & appreciate the life we have. The museum at The Memorial to Murdered Jews is not as large as the other memorial museums; However, it is equal to and maybe more effective with its careful and poignant presentations that are finished off with the simple but harrowing monument.

Top 5 Foodie Picks

  1. Kadewe The 6th floor of this famous department store is every gourmet food lovers dream come true! I discovered the BEST Wienerschnitzel (scrumptious breaded veal) in the city at the Grill & Pfanne. I of course had to make my way to the dessert section for mini nibbles from Lenôtre! Yum times a billion!

  2. Curry 36 I tried the my first ever curry wurst at Curry 36! This place is voted by many sites and locals as the best curry wurst in Berlin. I have nothing to compare this to before to say it was the best but it was defo a flavorful, warm filling meal in the -2 degree weather which went well with my locally brewed Berliner pilsner! Prost! Cheers!

  3. Revolver BurgerThis place was BOMB! Don’t be fooled from the outside sign in bold yellow showing “BAGELS” since this is the home to the original revolver burger! The place is small with communal seating but very cool atmosphere with amazing grub! I decided to go for the avocado beef burger & I was not let down! This burger joint is known for its vegetarian offerings as well! Check it out when you are in Mitte roaming for street art.

  4. Mustafa’s Gemuse KebapNow I’ve heard about the hype of this place & after stopping by for a bite to it…I have come to the conclusion it was all so true! With basically 3 things on the menu, get ready to have one of the best kebabs  in your life! The wait was about 40 minutes but I’ve heard it can take from 20-an hour even! The chicken was flavorful & the bread thin not too filling loaded with vegetables, stir fried peppers , potatoes & a mix of 3 different sauces! There’s also a Vegetarian option out of the 3 selections! Worth the wait no doubt.

  5. Peking EnteSooooo…. I love this place because A. I’m obsessed with Chinese food in Europe…B. The Szechuan menu for 2 was packed with loads of food at a super cheap price …& C. It’s open later than most restaurants in the center! Great place, good service too…always impressed when I hear the waiters speaking 3 different languages to multiple customers fluently! Go Germany!

Top 5 Street Art Locations

  1. Haus Schwarzenberg in MitteThis place was rad in the hustle bustle of Mitte! It’s basically a small corridor leading to a alley way filled with street art! Not to be missed. Nightlife seems to be cool here as well!

  2. RAW Gelande in Friedrichshain RAW is a great place to visit for street art as it holds many festivals & events while exploring the grounds for unique art installations & graffiti.

  3. Teufelsberg in Grunewald locality of former West Berlin German for Devil’s Mountain, this former U.S. listening field station located on a man-made hill of rubble in the Grunewald area of former West Berlin, can be considered a street art connoisseurs heaven. Rising about 80 meters (260 ft) above the surrounding Teltow plateau and 120.1 meters (394 ft) above the sea level, in the north of Berlin’s Grunewald Forest; You not only have wicked views of the city but a great place to admire local street artists creations! Fun fact: The hill covers an under-construction Nazi military-technical college (Wehrtechnische Fakultät).

  4. Kastanienalle in Prenzlauerberg  Make sure to keep an eye out for ever changing art & graffiti around the area of this trendy avenue of Kastanienalle located in Prenzlauerberg. Lots of cute boutiques & cafes around as well!

  5. Boxhagener Platz in Eastern KreuzbergKnown for its famous flea markets, this area is a super spot for the street art lover! With only a 10 min ride on the metro from the famous east side gallery of the Berlin Wall, you can make a day of art sightseeing around this location of the lovely capital city!

Hope you enjoyed my top 5’s guys! Berlin Officially has the LAtravelGirl’s stamp of approval as one of the most wicked cities in Europe! Feel free to share my post with fellow travelers! Thanks guys!

“Prost & Auf Wiedersehen” Deutschland 🙂 See you soon! 

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