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13211143_10100595392840103_1447173315_oWelcome to the “7 Sacred” Pools of ‘Ohe’o!! The most popular attraction in East Maui! This was my second trip to the awesome Island of Maui & no Maui trip would be completed without visiting Hana. The thing that I love about the island is the perfect combo of city life and nature! Although the road to Hana might not be for13224066_10100595392969843_1736924409_o the car sick prone riders, it’s defo worth the drive out to the east side of the island. We rented a  sick “Jurassic park” jeep and headed to the Hawaiian rain forest through 600 twists and turns until we reached Haleakalā National Park. I’ve already checked out the black sand beaches but missed my chance to swim in the sacred pools because of dangerous weather conditions my last trip out to Hana. This round I made sure to check off my wanderlist and jump in!  These beautiful waterfalls & pools in an absolutely stunning rain forest setting created over countless millennia are also very well suited for swimming and cliff-jumping! The water is a bit cold but awesome once you get used to the temp…we got lucky because it wasn’t overly crowded so I took a swim while a few locals went cliff diving. Technically you aren’t allowed to swim in the Pools of Ohe’o so FYI 13234871_10100595392800183_506131419_oif you ever visit be careful for slippery rocks, so many people have been injured out here so you are pretty much taking a gamble. The pools stream course travels through cascading waterfalls & plunge pools until it empties into the gorgeous deep-blue Hawaiian ocean along the rugged Kipahulu coastline! I highly recommend a visit when taking the road to Hana! Super Chill Ti13231045_10100595392735313_1879942514_nmes!!  13224042_10100595392885013_2049552275_o 13230819_10100595392909963_210161136_o

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