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What a crazy couple weeks…I apologize for being totally MIA! I was in Vegas for the wynnweekend which was insanely awesome then back in windy Los Angeles for a couple fun events (Laker Game!) and not so happy unfortunate events that held me back from writing….Oh how I miss constant traveling & loath the pressures of the real world! So being new to this blogging thing you really never know when you have a moment between your hectic personal life & work life to get a chance to actually sit your butt down and write!Lakers LA life

Since I’m not a full time blogger, it’s been a bit of a struggle transitioning from solely posting on my social media accounts to writing down all my thoughts onto my website (I’ve never been a “I keep a diary” girl so this has been a interesting metamorphosis!) Which has brought me to my decision to do SHOUT OUTS every now and then of my favorite Instagram profiles and fabulous bloggers! These posts will be dedicated to a few Instagram travelers, Bloggers & Vloggers I would love to promote these wonderful people I’ve grown so fond of over social media, as I see how hard they work on a daily basis while taking care of business in their 9-5’s (sometimes 7-7’s if they are a nurse like me), raising kids, and even non stop traveling (at times in remote places without internet) but still find time to post daily…..I believe they deserve hella recognition because they ROCK!

My First shout out is dedicated to these few profiles below who consist of my great friends, awesome travel/lifestyle bloggers, & super entertaining Snap-chatters! Make sure to check their profiles out in the links I left below!


Monique Miranda

IG @Monique_trips

Snapchat: monique_miranda






Snapchat @SMTDRL






Snapchat @the_jpak






IG @dontforget2move

Snapchat @dontforget2move



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