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Hey there party people! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of love & joy.  The first days of spring are upon us, which makes me so delighted since this means sunshine and beach holidays ahead! I’m a bit spoiled as I live in a wonderful California beach town, but spring opens up other travel options outside of the “dull” Santa Monica beaches I am super acclimated to….yet oh so fond of ???! If you are looking for a memorable spring or summer beach holiday I would suggest hitting up my beloved ??Mykonos?? Mon favorite Island out of the Greek Cyclades located in the gorgeous Aegean Sea! ?????  image1[1]

Mention #Mykonos, & the average citizen instantly thinks  of  windmills, sandy beaches & white cube-shaped houses with blue shutters & doors littered with snap happy tourists??????????; But before the 1960’s Mykonos was strictly a sailor town! image3[1]Tourism in Mykonos started to flourish, when it became the favorite shelter for artists & later for hippies (let’s thank the Greek Gods the hipsters haven’t discovered it quite yet! ✌?️?) The main attractions are the beaches, where you can sunbathe, relax, snorkel — even party! Away from the beach, you can also tour Panagia Paraportiani in Chora, photograph the Windmills, or visit the island of Delos for its archaeological finds. ?⛏?? Save some energy for an evening out, as the island has long had a reputation for seaside hedonism! 

One of the top reasons why I love this island so much is because of its gorgeous chic villages and architecture. I woke up very early before the tourist crowds hit the city and explored the neighborhoods filled with cute boutiques, lovely cafes, and locals homes. The buildings are all stark white with lovely accented red, blue, and bright colored doors/shutters/stairwells. It was so peaceful and wonderful to see this side of the city before the hustle bustle ruined it. After hiking up to the top of the island we discovered a larger windmill than the windmills of Chora and of course had a massive photo shoot because DAMN…the view was EPIC from our perspective. I would say wake up hella early, don’t get hung over the night before, and explore the villages before tour groups & cruise ship crews bombard the community. ⚓️⛵️image2[1]

After lunch, a well deserved espresso boost, and a shot of Ouzo we decided to hit a beach party because that’s what it’s all about when it comes to this Greek nonstop party island. ??? I would Defo recommend renting a car or a couple 4×4 ATVs to visit the famous @nammosmykonos beach club at Psarou beach. Try to avoid taking a taxi because the drivers basically take you and cram as many other passengers they can fit in the taxi along the way, making several stops loading and unloading which takes hours to get to your destination. image4[1]I mean you want to DAY drink right?….No one wants to end up getting to the party in your sweaty beach gear when the night scene is about to start. Nevertheless, Nammos was AWESOME…Loaded with gorgeous people, great music & very chill times! We danced on the tables, popped a few bottles, flirted with the bartenders/servers and had an unforgettable experience! The food is pretty good as well so if you are looking to pace yourself and avoid being “that one guy” grab a few bites of sushi and enjoy getting that sexy Mediterranean tan! Oh and don’t forget to have a drink for me! Εβίβα! Cheers! ?????

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10 thoughts on “Spring Break: Mykonos Island, Greece

  • Maryam

    I miss Mykonos!!! ATV or car rentals are a must since there are a total of only 30 cabs on the entire island! Like the lady at the car rental said don’t worry about gettin a ticket… “Police? What police? it’s Mykonos!!!”?? lol

  • Tommy

    Every time I see a bottle of Ouzo at a bar in the states now, my eyes light up, my mouth starts watering, and my friends back away because they know what I’m about to order. The bartender usually looks confused and you have to point them to the right bottle. Patrons gather as they curiously watch the Ouzo turn white as it mixes with water, another clear liquid which makes no sense. In fact, none of it makes sense to anyone, including me. Ouzo is just weaker tasting Absinthe. But it’s the memories of Greece that are elicited as the shot goes down: Corfu sands, togas, even being banned from my first hostel. As yes, those were the party trip days. Yamas!

    • latravelgirl Post author

      We rented a car! Buuuttttttt i did walk to the highest point, it was amazing! I liked it better than Santorini to be honest! Thanks again for your feedback!